♦ Natalia's Vision

“I see myself as an artist who helps people look their best.  My designs impart confidence and grace in my clients empowering them to reach their personal goals.  It is natural for me to apply my craftsmanship and creativity to develop a concept and translate it into a refined garment.  I enjoy working with silhouettes and proportions to accentuate clients’ figures as well as with colors and tailoring techniques to create unique and modern pieces. My designs reflect my innovative vision and spirit. My ability to understand my clients’ needs and desires reflects my passion to make people feel confident and happy. Time and again, I have witnessed how our dedicated work has transformed clients’ lives and helped them feel more comfortable, self-assured, and successful.”


♦ Experience

Natalia founded and managed a successful, European fashion house in her native city of Minsk. While in the U.S., she has worked for prominent clothiers and world-renown fashion brands. Natalia founded Style by Natalia in 2009 to bring high-quality designs and apparel services to her acquired clientele.  

♦ Style By Natalia


 Style by Natalia is dedicated in supporting men's and women’s lifestyles through its designs. We:

♦ Focus on making customers look good and confident.
♦ Empower our customers through our designs to achieve their personal and professional goals.
♦ Concentrate on customer participation and satisfaction.
♦ Produce designs that fit customer budgets.

Style by Natalia supports environmental sustainability and incorporates eco-fashion in its designs. We:

♦ Utilize energy-saving equipment, environment-friendly materials, and rational use of fabrics and trims.
♦ Redesign, repair, and recycling garments and fabrics.
♦ Produce high-quality, good-fit products that satisfy customer needs and allow customers to wear these garments for a longer time.

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