Apparel Reconstruction and Repair



We offer reconstruction and repair on various garments and fabrics: silk, lace, chiffon, suede, leather, wool, fur, intricate beaded fabrics, and so much more. We specialize in altering even the most complex of designs; we guarantee a perfect fit and high quality tailoring.We do all types of operations from replacing buttons on a jacket, re-sizing a wedding dress, or adding a sleeve to a new gown. We can transform and renew the clothing you love; trim your favorite wool coat, create a vest out of your old jacket, and change the neckline on your favorite dress. Additionally, we have a wide selection of fabrics and trims which can be used to renovate your favorite pieces.

You can trust us with any project! Are you interested in upgrading your favorite pieces? Do you want to update vintage outfits from your grandma that have sentimental value for you? We can help you create new unique styles and these styles will be your favorite and timeless!

Schedule an appointment with the Designer and the Designer will visit you at your home or work office.

Contact us: Style by Natalia customer service.